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In Japanese culture a symbol used to decorate an individual or a family is called a Kamon. The kamon we chose is called a Hanabishi, the direct translation is flower of diamond shape. The use of the Diamond Flower is a tribute to my mother as this Kamon appeared on all of her kimonos and reminds me of her beauty.


2011 Nomu

The Harvest

The 2011 vintage will be known for being one of the more challenging vintages in the past ten years. Harvest was late by two-three weeks due to the poor weather throughout the summer. Luckily September through October was warm and no frost was encountered. This drew out the length of the growing season and produced good grapes to the growers that had a balanced crop.


The Viognier and Semillon for this white blend were picked on the same day in Osoyoos. Most whites are blended after they have been vined separately. Making the wines separately leads to the winemaker having more control over the end product. I prefer to ferment them together. The Viognier and Semillon were pressed o together and underwent a three week fermentation at low temperatures to preserve the aromatics.

Winemaking Notes

Bouquet: Apricot, heaps of citrus, honey, oral
Palate: Fresh acidity, citrus, green apple, mineral lead to a grapefruity finish.
Food Pairings: Sushi and sashimi, Turkey dinner, Thai curries and Gruyere cheese

Varietal Prole

Viognier 70%, Semillon 30%

  • Total acidity 6.8 g/L
  • pH 3.31
  • Residual Sugar 5.5 g/L
  • Alcohol 11.9 %
  • Cases Produced: 530 cases
  • cspc +574673

Price: $19.90 / 750 ml bottle

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