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In Japanese culture a symbol used to decorate an individual or a family is called a Kamon. The kamon we chose is called a Hanabishi, the direct translation is flower of diamond shape. The use of the Diamond Flower is a tribute to my mother as this Kamon appeared on all of her kimonos and reminds me of her beauty.


2012 Nomu

The Harvest

The 2012 vintage was a step in the right direction compared to 2011. The warm Okanagan weather was present from the beginning of July and allowed for some balanced growing conditions. The Muscat Blanc was the first variety to come off the vine, due to the characteristic of the variety. At low brix the aroma of Muscat Blanc attracts bees and wasps. The insects begin breaking down the fruit, which will lead to rot and un-happy winemaking.  Thus, the Muscat Blanc is picked as soon as the starchy un-ripe character has disappeared. The Viognier was picked at reasonably low brix to ensure a much leaner style, and the Semillion was picked at low brix with high acidity to retain the freshness for the Nomu blend.


The Muscat Blanc was fermented separately from the Viognier and Semillon. Fermentation of the Muscat was stopped early so that the residual sugar of the Muscat could be used to balance out the acidity of the Viognier and Semillon. The sweeter Muscat has more impact on the finished wine than if it was fermented dry and added to the blend.

The difference between the 2011 Nomu and the 2012 Nomu is that the 2011 is a leaner, sweeter style while the 2012 Nomu has more color, weight and is a tad drier. 

Winemaking Notes

Bouquet: Floral, honey, pear, herbaceous, granny smith, ginger
Palate: Flavors of green apple, pear, apricot and a hint of minerality on the finish.
Food Pairings: Sushi and Sashimi, Thai curries, turkey, West Coast cuisine and on it's own.

Varietal Prole

Viognier 75%, Semillon 20%; Muscat Blanc 5%

  • Total acidity 6.9 g/L
  • pH 3.35
  • Residual Sugar 4.0 g/L
  • Alcohol 12.5 %
  • Cases Produced: 480 cases
  • cspc +574673

Price: $19.90 / 750 ml bottle

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