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In Japanese culture a symbol used to decorate an individual or a family is called a Kamon. The kamon we chose is called a Hanabishi, the direct translation is flower of diamond shape. The use of the Diamond Flower is a tribute to my mother as this Kamon appeared on all of her kimonos and reminds me of her beauty.

2013 Nomu (white)

The Harvest

The 2013 vintage had a little bit of everything; great heat in the summer, a damp September and a frost-less October. What was thought to be an exceptional vintage was halted by wet September weather. For the low brix ripening Orange Muscat this was not an issue. The Orange Muscat was harvested in late September which is its usual time. The Viognier and Semillon spent more time in the vineyard; hanging to develop more flavors. The two varieties were picked one after the other and retained higher acidity, while maintaining lower brix to keep the alcohol % down.


The Orange Muscat was naturally fermented separately from the Viognier and Semillion. Fermentation of the Orange Muscat was stopped early so that the residual sugar of the Muscat could be used to balance out the acidity of the Viognier and Semillion. The sweeter Muscat has more impact on the finished wine than if it was fermented dry and added to the blend.

The 2012 Nomu had Muscat Blanc in the blend. In 2013, the Muscat Blanc was replaced by Orange Muscat, thus creating a blend with more citrus notes.

2013 will be the first vintage that Kanazawa Wines used no commercial yeasts or enzymes. The 2013 Nomu was fermented naturally and no additional finings were added to alter the finished product.

Winemaking Notes

Bouquet: orange blossom, citrus rind, peach, apricot and grassy notes
Palate: fresh crisp flavors of citrus, peach, honey and pear.
Food Pairings: fried chicken, fresh oysters, Halibut with chive butter sauce, Japanese cuisine and all by itself.

Varietal Profile

Viognier 57%, Semillon 38%, Muscat Blanc 5%

  • Total acidity 7.2g/L
  • pH 3.45
  • Residual Sugar 5.0g/L
  • Alcohol 12.7%
  • Cases Produced: 950 cases
  • cspc +574673

Price: $19.99 / 750 ml bottle

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