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In Japanese culture a symbol used to decorate an individual or a family is called a Kamon. The kamon we chose is called a Hanabishi, the direct translation is flower of diamond shape. The use of the Diamond Flower is a tribute to my mother as this Kamon appeared on all of her kimonos and reminds me of her beauty.


2011 Diamond Flower

The Harvest

Often Pinot Blanc does not get the respect it deserves. A versatile grape that can be used for sparkling, white blends and as a varietal wine; Pinot Blanc is often is overlooked for the wide range of aromatic wines produced in the Okanagan. Pinot Blanc usually ripens in mid-late October with its lower sugars and higher acidity. In the case of late harvest wines; the grapes are not harvested till later so that the grapes can dehydrate resulting in concentrated avors. The 2011 Diamond Flower was made with 100% Pinot Blanc to validate the quality and class of this grape in the Okanagan Valley.


Hand picked and harvested in mid-November from Jake Van Westen Jr’s Vineyard in Naramata; the Pinot Blanc was whole bunch pressed which resulted in high sugars and minimal extraction of harsh phenolics (color, bitterness, mouth feel). Picking in November limited the breakdown and dehydration of the clusters so that the quality of juice was cleaner and yield higher. After the juice settled, it was racked and inoculated with a strain of yeast that can handle the high sugar content. The juice was the fermented over three weeks at 15ºC. The cooler fermentation temperatures help to retain the fruit forward character of the wine.

Winemaking Notes

Bouquet: Orange rind, pear, apricots, green apple and honey aromas
Palate: Refreshing avors of oranges, pears and apricots
Food Pairings: crème brulee, apple pie, citrusy tarts, blue cheese

Varietal Profile

100% Pinot Blanc

  • Total acidity 10.0g/L
  • pH 3.31
  • Residual Sugar 90 g/L
  • Alcohol 11.0 %
  • Cases Produced: 160 cases
  • CSPC +580878

Price: $19.90 / 200 ml bottle


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